Scientific  Resume
Oleg   MATVEEV,  Ph.D.

Address:                               1035 NW 89th Drive
                                                 Gainesville, FL  32606.   
Telephone:  (home)                 (352) 333-0176;
                   (work)                (352) 846-0840      
Born:                                        Kiev, Ukraine               
Citizenship:                               US naturalized citizen
Languages:                       Mother tongue: Russian;  English, Ukrain
My and my  family website: laserol

1973        Graduated with Red Diploma (Highest Honor)  in physics, and military electrical engineering from the
Department of Physics (the Division of Optics and Spectroscopy) at the Dnepropetrovsky State University,
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

1979              Ph.D. (Kandidat Nauk) in laser spectroscopy from the Moscow State University “M.V.
                            Lomonosov”. Thesis: “The investigation of multistep laser photoionization of atoms
                    as a spectroanalytical method."

Employment History, Scientific and Teaching Experience

1995-Present          University of Florida, GAINESVILLE, FL, USA
                                     Visiting scientist.
                                     Laser analytical spectroscopy, resonance ionization spectroscopy (RIS),
resonance ionization photon and image detectors (RID), tunable solid state and diode lasers design, laser lidar and
radar, ultra-narrowband image detectors, laser ultrasonics, electromagnetically induced transparency, lasers in
medicine and biology. ICR FTIR, MALDY mass spectrometry, laser headlight system for invisible road illumination.
Multipass optical systems and Raman spectrometer development.
Innovation policy and science management.
Graduate students mentoring. Analytical instruments maintenance and upgrading.

Moscow State University, MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
                             Leading scientist.
                             Laser analytical atomic and molecular spectroscopy, RIS, RID, low-noise
                             charge  sensitive amplifiers for nuclear particle detectors. Graduate students

 Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Centre,                   
                                 Environmental  Institute
                              Visiting scientist.
                            Time resolved laser-induced fluorescence and laser enhanced ionization
                            spectroscopy, tunable  lasers design.

                            Head of  laser analytical laboratory, director of  ANALITIKA LTD branch.
                            R&D in the fields of atomic absorption, laser enhanced ionization and fluorescence
                            spectrometers,  laser lidar and radar, development of gas discharge and
                            solid state  lasers, tunable lasers design.

 NPO “Chimvolokno” (Institute of Chemical Fibers), MYTISCHI, MOSCOW REGION.
                          Head of spectrochemical and instrumental analysis laboratory.
                          R&D in the fields of laser analytical atomic and molecular spectroscopy and
                          spectrometers, RIS, RID, signal to noise ratio, atomization and atomizers, pulsed
                          tunable lasers, nitrogen and excimer lasers design, laser lidars, procedures of   
                          atomic  and molecular analysis, infrared, Raman and mass- spectroscopy of
                          polymers and chemical fibers, lasers in medicine and biology, optical methods of  
                          particles size distribution determination. Graduate students teaching and   

 Institute of Patent Examination, MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
- patent examiner.
                           Examination, evaluation and review of patent applications in various fields of   
                           technical physics and spectroscopy.

USSR Academy of Science,  Institute of Spectroscopy, TROITSK, MOSCOW REGION
                           Single atoms detection, resonance ionization spectroscopy, RID, nitrogen and
                            tunable laser design.

 Moscow State University, MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
                         Graduate student, junior research scientist.
                         Scientific  work in the fields of laser enhanced ionization spectroscopy, RIS, RID,
                          nitrogen and dye laser design.
                          Students teaching and graduate students mentoring.

 Institute of Iodine and Bromine, SAKY, CRIMEA, UKRAINE.
                         Junior research scientist.
                         Research work in the fields of atomic absorption and fluorescence atomic analysis,
                          resonance ionization spectroscopy (RIS), resonance ionization photon detectors,
                          mass-spectrometry and laser isotope  separation.

Summary of research interests and scientific experience.

Laser analytical atomic and molecular spectroscopy and spectrometers design, fundamental and applied research in
resonance ionization spectroscopy of atoms and molecules, resonance ionization, photon detection and detectors;
laser sources of ionization for mass spectrometry; optical ultra-narrowband image detectors; infrared, Raman and mass
spectroscopy of polymers and chemical fibers; laser ultrasonics;  laser lidars and radars; nitrogen, excimer, tunable
solid state and diode lasers design; high voltage pulsed electronics and schematics; experiment and theory on signal to
noise ratio; atomization and atomizers; inductively coupled plasma and ICP FTIR, MALDI  mass spectrometry; ion
mobility spectrometers; physics and chemistry of low  temperature flames, plasmas and its diagnostics, laser isotope
separation; space laser communication systems; gas and solid state nuclear particles detectors; procedures for atomic
and molecular analysis; electromagnetically induced transparency, lasers in medicine and biology; fiber optics cancer diagnostics and treatment;  laser optical methods for particles size distribution determination; laser vehicular headlight system for invisible road illumination; multipass optical systems; science and innovations organization and management, open peer review systems.

Engineering and hands-on experience.
-       Good experience with MS Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Office 2003
       (Word, Excel, etc.), Microcal Origin, SigmaScan Pro 5,  CorelDRAW 10,  Adobe Acrobat, Mathcad 2000   
Professional, Opticslab 5.22.
-        Extensive experience with major and many specific optical elements and  components used in optical, and laser
spectroscopy experiments and laser design. Optics and lasers installation, positioning and alignment.
-        Extensive experience with major vacuum creating devices, components, elements and units, their
    installation and setting up.
-        Extensive experience with major and many specific photon detectors and image acquiring devices.
-        Good experience with high voltage DC & pulsed electronics.
-        Good experience with general and optomechanical design and drafting.
-        Good experience with high pressure gas lines and elements, including those designed for toxic and flammable

-        Extensive experience with major signal acquisition techniques (oscilloscopes, amplifiers, A/D converters etc.)
-        Good experience with many chemical analytical instruments and sample preparation technique.
-        Good experience with solid state and gas filled imaging and 2D detectors for high-energy nuclear particles.
-        Extensive experience with many modern analytical instruments maintenance and upgrading


118 scientific works have been published in Soviet and international journals including 23 Soviet inventions and tree US

Other scientific credentials.

Among my 118 scientific publications 5 are reviews, 21 publications (including 3 reviews) had been written without co-
authors, 19 were theoretical and 71 experimental.  21 experimental works were conceived and performed either mostly
or entirely by myself.

Citation index. My citation index without self-citation (1979-2007) is 249.

Main personal scientific  and practical achievements.

1.        Independently discovered resonance ionization spectroscopy (RIS). 1975. (
In the world only for research and
development in the RIS spectroscopy and its application more than $5 billions dollars had been spent. Several thousand
papers were published in the world.)

2.        Independently suggested to use RIS for isotope separation and for ultrasensitive atomic analysis. 1975.
3.        A method of resonance ionization photon detection had been suggested. 1975
(More than 50 papers had been published on this topic in the world in at least 4 countries).
4.        A most sensitive with record low  limit of detection (even at present time) method for atomic analysis combining
RIS, mass spectrometry and atomization of sample in vacuum had been suggested.    1976 –77.
(More than 200 publications in more than 10 countries had been  published on this topic. Commercially available
analytical instruments had been developed in the US. The subject is described in several books including textbooks for

5.        Independently discovered laser enhanced ionization spectroscopy (LEI) 1978.  First it was discovered in the USA
in 1976.
6.        Experimentally discovered efficient stepwise laser excitation for LEI method in high temperature inert gas in
flame. This method had been suggested for ultrasensitive LEI atomic analysis in flame. 1978
(At present most atomic analysis in the world are performed using flames as an atomizing medium. Most atomic analysis
spectrometers sold in the world also are flame atomic absorption.  The multistep excitation and ionization LEI method is
still the most sensitive  method of atomic analysis in flame. More than 300 papers had been published on this topic in
the world in at least 8 countries. The subject is described in several books including textbooks for students)

7.        A novel method for ulrtanarrowband resonance ionization imaging (RIID) had been suggested.  1980
8.        Highly sensitive imaging method has been suggested and theoretically developed for single atom and molecules
9.        Two novel highly sensitive methods of intracavity absorption spectroscopy had been suggested.   1985
10.         First experiments with resonance ionization photon detector performed.              1987
11.         The effect of shot noise suppression in flame LEI had been discovered.                      1987
12.         The effect of atoms accumulation in flame LEI had been discovered.                          1987
13.          The basics of optimal signal detection theory if flame LEI had been developed              1988
14.          Commercially available LEI spectrometer had been developed under my supervision.        1990.
15.        Several new potential practical applications for RIID had been  suggested and patented     1995-2002.
16.        First experimental design of RIID was developed and studied.                                      1998
17.        Several new methods for vehicular invisible road illumination and imaging had been suggested and patented  2000 – 2004.
18.     A novel design of solid state tunable laser had been suggested                              2006.
19.     A novel multipass optical system had been suggested and developed using optical design software   2006 -2007.
20.  A novel synergistic model for innovation policy and management had been suggested and developed.  1992- 2008

21. A novel approach for fiber optics diagnostics of cancer had been suggested                                2008 -2009

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